Month: November 2021

The Story & Inspiration For Our Amazing Carrot Pepper Hot Sauce

By scmaster / Posted 30 Nov, 2021

Ever heard of a Carrot Pepper? We hadn’t either until Joanne – co-owner of Splash Café and mastermind behind our award-winning chowder – took a shopping trip to find plants to grow in her home…

Create the Perfect Day with Splash Café – The Cal Poly Guide

By Admin / Posted 29 Nov, 2021

After a long week of studying hard, perfecting essays, acing quizzes and conquering that 8AM math class, you deserve a day off! For college students especially, taking time away from school work to…

Spice Rub

Splash Spice Rub Recipe – Our Smoky Espresso Spice Rub

By scmaster / Posted 28 Nov, 2021

Straight from the beach, our Beach BBQ Blend Spice Rubs are the perfect addition to any dish. From Smoky Espresso to Smoky Citrus and Smoky Chimi, this trio is guaranteed to make your mouth water and…