Create the Perfect Day with Splash Café


There’s nothing quite like a day full of family fun here in the beautiful Central Coast! From beach days and hiking adventures to park picnics and everything in between, there’s no shortage of opportunities to turn an ordinary day into one full of adventure, learning, and wonder! Everyday is a chance to make memories that both you and your kids will cherish for a lifetime – especially when you plan a perfect day with Splash Café at Dinosaur Caves Park! But first, COFFEE (in your favorite Splash Café mug, of course.)

1) Pack up the kids (along with all of their favorite toys and must-haves) and head over to Splash Café for lunch. Whether you’ve got picky eaters or not, our menu has something every kid and adult will love. Mom and Dad can dive into a steaming bowl of our Award-Winning Clam Chowder (best served in a toasty bread bowl and loaded with seafood, clams, green onions, bacon, and cheese). We’ve also got monstrous sandwiches like our Shrimp SLO Boy or Aloha Salmon Sandwich that are sure to fill your tank for a fun-filled day of running alongside the kids! 

If you’ve got adventurous eaters, have them try our fish & chips or maybe even grilled salmon tacos. If seafood isn’t their style, they will love a cheeseburger, corn dog, or a go-to order of chicken strips and curly fries. Either way, they’re sure to enjoy every bite!

2) Grab some Splash dessert to-go and hop over to Dinosaur Caves Park. Our brownie swirls or cookies are perfect to eat on-the-go. Enjoy them while looking over the water at one of Dinosaur Cave Park’s cliffside picnic areas. Dessert & a view? It doesn’t get much better than that! Speaking of dessert, if after your adventure you’re missing our chowder & dessert, you can get a family pack of both shipped straight home to enjoy while you’re not out and about.

3) Take over the play area! It’s no doubt the kids have some extra energy to burn off after devouring a cookie or two. Good thing Dinosaur Caves Park has tons of space to run around! Plus, there are lots of animal statues at the park, perfect for Instagram-worthy photo-ops and even for having some fun and interactive learning time. Have the kids start at one end of the park and race to the biggest animal or find an animal that lives in the water. Ask them to imitate the sounds or movements of each animal (get ready to hit record). Have them make up a story about their adventures at sea while aboard the USS Imagination. The possibilities are endless!

4) Do a walking scavenger hunt. A great way to take in the views while also keeping the kids engaged and entertained is to do a walking scavenger hunt. There’s no shortage of animal and plant life at Dinosaur Caves Park, which makes it a great place to play I-Spy with your eagle-eyed hunters. Have them spot pelicans flying in the sky (bonus points if they catch one diving in the water for dinner). Look for sea lions swimming along the coast or basking in the sun. Play a color game and see if they can find all the colors of the rainbow in the many flowers and plants that line the cliffside. You’ll all have fun hunting and you’re sure to take in the beauty of the great outdoors like never before!

5) Take a tour of the caves on a Kayak. If you have smaller kiddos, your adventure will probably not include this. But, if your kids are older, taking a tour of the so-called “Dinosaur Caves” is a breathtaking experience that will be the icing on the cake to your perfect day. Venture in and around the caves on the coastline and explore their natural beauty. Take in the magnificent colors of the rocks and sit in awe of the aqua-blue ocean sparkling underneath you. If you brought the kids, continue your scavenger hunt while looking for sea life along the coast! 

Your perfect day with Splash Café will hold memories, laughter, and adventure that will forever be cherished by both you and your kids. Family fun is the best part of being a family, and if you’re ever in need of some fun, you’re always welcome to be part of our Splash Café family and plan a perfect day with us all over again!

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